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Silver Mountain Spa & Resort


Silver Mountain RESORT & SPA is a new tourist complex on the Kopaonik mountain, a modern architectural building, which subtly blends into the shapes of the mountain. It is intended for people who know what kind of vacation they want and adapted for the different needs of the most discerning guests who want to design a full day stay, having a chance to choose one of many offered facilities. Silver Mountain is also the right measure of an active vacation or, simply, a place to relax, enjoy and indulge in all the challenges of hedonism.

No matter how you decide to spend the day – whether you are on summer or winter holiday, welcoming the awakening of nature in spring or seeing off the autumn colors in the intertwined pine forests – in the Silver Mountain complex you always have a modern SPA center at your fingertips.

After skiing, walking or a pleasant afternoon in the hotel restaurant, you will spontaneously slip into the comfort and warmth of the room, or a romantic evening on the terrace.

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Silver Mountain Spa & Resort


Do you know what secrets the name Kopaonik hides? If the question sounds strange to you – let’s take a peek into the past and solve the mystery. No matter how deep you dig into the past, the story of the mountain will give you at least two facts and two details that are always repeated – miners and silver.

Wealth hidden in the depths of the mountain has been discovered through the centuries, since ancient times, and the reign of the Turkish Empire. Old writings confirm that today’s Kopaonik had numerous godparents, who recognized silver as its undeniable value. The Turks called it Gümüş dağ (silver hill), and in Italian chronicles it was called Montagna dell’argento (mountain of silver).

At the time of the strengthening of the medieval Serbian state, with the development of mining and exploitation of iron, silver, gold, copper and zinc ores, the authentic domestic name was Kopanik or Kopalnik. In the meantime, with the metamorphosis of the language, by someone’s slip, mistake or intention, it was renamed – Kopaonik, but the silver remained as its permanent trademark.

Part of that history today continues to live permanently through the name of the new complex RESORT & SPA Silver Mountain, a jewel in the tourist crown of Kopaonik, which in the leading winter center of Serbia becomes the choice not only of skiers but also new guests, eager to relax in nature, recreation and active vacation for the whole family, but also those who hold to hedonism and have high lifestyle criteria.

A RESORT & SPA Silver Mountain in every season during the year simply unites everything you want from a vacation.

Silver Mountain Spa & Resort


The Silver Mountain RESORT & SPA complex also offers an environment for business meetings, conferences, seminars, thematic workshops, celebrations, team buildings, space to gather and create successful business teams.

The combination of winter and summer activities, spring or autumn walks in interaction with unsurpassed nature and the challenges of the Kopaonik slopes, is additionally complemented by a top SPA offer. Business guests of the Silver Mountain RESORT & SPA have at their disposal a hall with a capacity of 60 seats and top – quality equipment with Wi – Fi.

All in one hotel and one hotel for all, because Silver Mountain strengthens team spirit.

Silver Mountain Spa & Resort


Due to an average of 200 sunny days a year, Kopaonik also bears the epithet “sunny mountain”, while in the winter season, skiers expect an average of 40 ski days.

As the most equipped and most modern ski center in Serbia, from year to year Kopaonik attracts like a magnet, not only skiers eager for adrenaline and recreation, but also families in search of peace or active vacation. Kopaonik is an unmistakable choice of people with a high lifestyle. Also, it is a paradise for many whose life habits and needs are best explained by the sentence – “if you haven’t been to Kopaonik, it’s as if you haven’t been on a winter holiday”. That is why RESORT & SPA Silver Mountain is a new card that will be played by everyone for whom Kopaonik is synonymous with good time and rest.

The tourist center is located at 1,770 meters above sea level, and the highest – Pančić peak is at 2,017 meters. The total length of trails and ski trails is 65 kilometers. The slopes of the six black trails are a top challenge for experienced skiers, while recreational skiers can choose between 20 blue and 11 red trails, with a maximum altitude difference of 512 meters and the longest trail of 3.5 kilometers.

The three tracks meet the international FIS standard for slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. Fans of Nordic skiing can expect a seven-kilometer-long trail.

The capacity of a total of 24 lifts, ski lifts and connecting installations is 34,000 skiers per hour. For fans of night skiing, the challenge are the illuminated trails “Malo jezero”, “Karaman greben” and “Pančić 4b”, while novelties in the ski center are two new trails at Gvozdac, a taxi sheet for transporting skiers and a toboggan run 1,225 meters long on the trail Karaman ridge. The artificial snow system covers 97% of the ski resorts.

For the youngest skiers, there is a ski kindergarten with a conveyor belt and a carousel that makes it easier to master basic skiing skills. In addition to the trails for alpine and Nordic skiing, the Kopaonik ski center also includes a well-kept snow park in which many domestic and international competitions are organized.

Accompanying adrenaline facilities are bobsleigh, zip-line and tubing, which guarantee fun throughout the year, and with the launch of the Adventure Park – adrenaline attractions for children and adults, the tourist offer of Kopaonik is further completed.

And when the first twilight drove even the most persistent skiers off the slopes, and when the monotonous sounds of the cable car subsided and were replaced by the mountain wind – the day is not over yet. No, because the Silver Mountain complex offers relaxation in its modern SPA center, with a sauna, shower, hydro-massage or just lounging with a relaxing murmur of water.

Silver Mountain Spa & Resort


Kopaonik has been given an exclusivity by nature, which sets it apart from numerous other tourist centers in the region and the world, and it is at the fingertips of everyone who is ready to take on the challenges of returning to the original connections with nature.

Near the Silver Mountain complex, there are inspiring and exciting hiking trails, several kilometers long, with gentle ascents. An easy walk will take you through beautiful landscapes, with a view of the breathtaking landscape. Some trails also pass through the forest, where you will enjoy in clean air and a refreshing breeze. Adapted to all generations, the trails are especially suitable for family walks with younger children.

Part of the rich offer to the guests of Silver Mountain will be special tours of active vacation and optional excursions where guides will open treasures of monuments, traditions, nature and culture in the colorful array of beauties of the National Park.

Often, sometimes unaware of the imposed handicap that brings life in the city, we tend to ignore the need to return to nature. And Kopaonik, which has had the status of a national park since 1981, is a kind of circle of natural beauties.

Silver Mountain Spa & Resort


Do you know that the Kopaonik National Park consists of as many as 13 reserves, authentic and legally protected special natural units? Each of them in its own way completes the magic of the Silver Mountain that needs to be discovered and experienced.

Maybe curiosity will take you to discover the charms of the Samokovska river canyon and the history of metal smithies driven by the power of water, or to take a leisurely walk to the ancient sanctuary of Metodja, the spiritual refuge of the former Kopanica miners? On the way, another unusual pearl of nature awaits you – a unique geyser that, unlike most of its thermal relatives around the world, expels – cold water.

Climbing the footpath to the very top of Kopanik, at 1,800 meters above sea level, will take you to the Heavenly Chairs, an archeological site where an early Christian basilica was discovered, probably built in the 4th or 5th century. This plateau is called Crkvina in folklore, and the view from that glade will fulfil the expectations with which you embarked on a mountaineering adventure.

The slopes of Kopaonik are furrowed with numerous valleys, gorges and watercourses – the Bar and Lisinski rivers on the west side, the Duboka and Brzećka rivers flow through the east of the mountain massif, and the Ciganska and Gobeljska rivers flow through the northern side of the mountain.

The Samokov river is the central artery of Kopaonik, and its canyon is a challenge that adventurers and recreationists can hardly resist.

Jelovarnik is one of the Kopaonik reserves that includes springs below Pančićev vrh and Heavenly Chairs, and its heart is the eponymous waterfall, 71 meters high, whose cascades run through a collage of beech and coniferous forests. An experience to remember, photograph, recommend…

Be sure to add the reserves of Suvo Rudište, Barska reka, Gobelja, Jankove bare, Vučak, Bele stene to your list of Kopanica challenges… Yes, these are all challenges that entice you to come again!

And before and after everything, your starting point and shelter remains the chosen corner in the tourist complex RESORT & SPA Silver Mountain.

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